The mission behind Who They Are is to tell stories of the heroes of the modern day movement to end slavery: survivors of human trafficking and abolitionists. We also seek to foster deeper conversation as to why in the 21st Century we are still fighting slavery by challenging some of our cultural norms such as fast fashion and the current sex industry. We also desire to help facilitate the elimination of human trafficking around the world. Everyone deserves to be free, and at WTA, we believe that it is our responsibility to fight for those who do not have the freedom to do so for themselves. 


Who They Are is a media-based platform dedicated to raising awareness of the greatest offense on human rights: Human Trafficking. Who They Are is Founded by social entrepreneur, Elena Baxter. Prior to launching Who They Are, In 2012 Elena Co-Founded Conscious Magazine in response to craving a more inspiring media platform. With a passion for honest media, Conscious was created to report on local and global change, social justice and culture.

During her endeavor to reshape the media landscape through conscious journalism, Elena learned about the harsh injustice of Human Trafficking. Along the way she met many individuals that were either victims themselves, or dedicating their lives to fighting this crime. Their passion and bravery coupled with the truth that this is a human-first epidemic, sparked the desire in Elena to pursue Who They Are and join the movement to end human trafficking. She hopes to see slavery eliminated within her lifetime. Follow along her journey at @whotheyare and @ElenaMBaxter.